Weekly Goals – February 26, 2012

I think I am getting the hang of weekly goals.  Putting the “Weekly Goals” list out there so everyone can see also really does help keep me accountable.  Even if just to myself.  Even if no one at all ever sees the list.  This is the first week in a long, long time where everything has actually gotten done.  That in itself is a testimony that making a goals list for others to see is working.

Previous Goals:

  1. Continue looking for free chicken manure – ongoing – put it out there on social media
  2. Start more Lamb’s Ear (Stachys byzantina) when additional pellets arrive – I have 138 or so cells with seeds in them; not sure how many will sprout, but it should be enough
  3. Start pepper plants – out of the 3 kinds, there are 70 plants/cells started
  4. Pick up sticks and trash in the yard – this didn’t take near as long as I thought it would.  I feel better about the yard though

New Goals:

  1. Finish removing dead plants from beds
  2. Pick up wood and cardboard from bed around deck (failed attempt at keeping weeds out by covering them/blocking sunlight)
  3. Estimate how many more pellets or cells I need to start the remainder of my seeds, especially for those needing to be started in two weeks
  4. Continue looking for free chicken manure – ongoing.  I may have to physically stop by a few places to see if they have any extra.  The social media network and freecycle have not turned up any sources as of yet.

I am happy to have the 10- and 8-weeks-before-frost plants started.  Okay, I’m thrilled.  It was something that was looming over me and cluttering my brain, draining my energy to be motivated to do anything else.

I planted two kinds of red peppers and one kind of purple peppers, all sweet.  There is not room for 70 pepper plants in my yard, let alone my garden.  However, as with all my plants, if I cann’t plant them then I’ll sell them or give them to family and friends.  I really am hoping to have enough to warrant a stand at least one week at the market in early spring.  The Lamb’s ear is also my try at blocking out weeks from my front bed.  I also hope to add it to another boarder bed, one that goes along the front of my porch.  That is one of those where the bed and grass kind of merge with no defined line.  I have bought some edging, but have yet to install it.  Once I do, I will add  Lamb’s ear along the front and side edge.  Upon reading that again, I had the thought that it should be added to my goals.  However, I honestly don’t think it would get done.  It may have to be a goal of its own one week.  I have 8 weeks to do it right?  That is when the plants “should” be ready to go in the ground.

Does anyone have a suggestion to reduce the number of root sprouts from a hydrangea bush, actually two planted side by side?  This is what I was trying to discourage with the cardboard covering the ground.  So far nothing has worked and they are a pain to cut by hand.  Without using a chemical, is there a way to control them?  Anyone had luck doing so?

What are your goals for this week?  Are you working on your garden or just enjoying it from inside?  Are there other areas of your life that have a higher priority over gardening right now?

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