Weekly Goals – February 19, 2012

Well, another busy week ahead.  At least the first few days are.  I really enjoyed this past week where things did not seem to be at “full speed ahead” the whole time.  Maybe I should just focus on the now and enjoy it while I can.  Tuesday brings something important in the afternoon that will not change one way or the other, no matter how much I fret about it.  Here is to hoping my starting medium for seeds comes in the mail (thank you Amazon) so I will have a distraction. Yes, I probably should take the time to straighten the basement or the closet that has become a dumping ground.  Seed starting is so much more fun, though.

See, even with a busy week, I am still going to post several goals.  Some of these should not take very long.  I just need to get them done.

Previous Goals:

  1. Continue looking for free chicken manure. – I did not find any, but did post on FreeCycle about it.
  2. Pick up sticks and trash in the yard.
  3. Start Lamb’s Ear (Stachys byzantina) – started what I could with what I had.  Still more to go.

New Goals:

  1. Continue looking for free chicken manure – ongoing
  2. Start more Lamb’s Ear (Stachys byzantina) when additional pellets arrive
  3. Start pepper plants
  4. Pick up sticks and trash in the yard