21 Days to Self-Discipline Challenge – Days 26 & 27

Crystal from Serving Joyfully, Laura from Super Sweet Life, and Erin from Home With The Boys are were hosting a challenge/accountability group going through the ebook, 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine.  (Found here and here.)  This post follows my progress in joining their challenge.

Self-discipline Challenge

Yes, I know it is past the 21 days, but I told you I would keep working on my Mega Project and show you how it is coming along.

This is what it looked like at the end of Monday:

Here is what took place on Tuesday:

two rows of rocks.  I still feel as if some tweeking needs to be done to make it look more even and sturdy.  Thankfully there are some rocks left over.

This was the transporation of choice for moving previously mulched and piled leaves from one place to their final destination.

All done.  Well sort of.  I should say, “border finished and first layer of planting medium put down.”  It would look a lot better without the brown square behind it.

To give you a better view of exactly how deep I made the leaves, look at it from this angle:

It is to the top of the rocks and a bit above.  Though it may seem like a lot now, I know from past experience that this will break down to almost nothing.

Next comes the compost, along with the wonderful worms who will help break this down.  First though, I think I’ll plant the bulbs and plants. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy morning.  We’ll see if the afternoon allows time for the  planting, or if that will have to wait till Thursday.

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