Creating a Garden Calendar – Day 10 Adding details to your wish list

We are working our way through a series called “Creating a Garden Calendar“.  If this is your first time joining us, welcome.  You are not too late to join us.  Grab a calendar, pen, and beverage of choice.  You will be right where we are in no time.

Yesterday you created a wish list or new or additional seeds to put into your garden.  Today we are going to add the seed starting dates, transplant dates, etc. for the plants. These are the same steps you took for your basic garden plants.  You will find this information in the same places  you found it the first time – online catalogs, printed seed and plant catalogs, university web sites, and back of seed packets.

You may also wish to add the number of plants you hope to have, where to plant them, where to buy them from, or other details you think you will need to know when it comes time to order or buy them.

Did you find this step to be easier this time around than when you did it the first time?  Would it have been easier to write the information down as you found the seeds and plants? Did getting some sleep change your mind about which plants you want to have?

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