Creating a Garden Calendar – Day 3 Begin list of plants

We are working our way through a series called “Creating a Garden Calendar“.  If this is your first time joining us, welcome.  You are not too late to join us.  Grab a calendar, pen, and beverage of choice.  You will be right where we are in no time.


Today’s assignment, if you want to call it that, does not involve the calendar at all.  At least, not yet.  Grab some paper and a pen.  I want you to think to last year or the year(s) before.  What were you staple plants?  These are the ones you think about immediately when you think of your garden.

On your paper, list these plants.  They do not have to be in a particular order, but if it bothers you that they are all mixed up then feel free to rewrite your list after you have brainstormed it.  Make sure to leave space to the right (and/or left) of the plants you list.  We will be doing more with this list in the upcoming days.

Also, don’t worry about thinking of every single plant you want.  Don’t stress about this exercise too much.  Just make a list of your base, standard plants or the ones you can think of right now.  You can always add to this list later.  Actually, we will be adding to this list later so you aren’t behind if you miss something right now.

When you are done writing your list, attach it to your calendar some how so you won’t misplace it when we come back tomorrow.