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Crystal from Serving Joyfully, Laura from Super Sweet Life, and Erin from Home With The Boys are hosting a challenge/accountability group going through the ebook, 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine.  (Found here and here.)  This post follows my progress in joining their challenge.

Self-discipline Challenge

Practical Application

Practical Application #1  Read the article “Start Your Day by Eating a Frog First” – She not only gives the point of what a frog is, but helps you narrow it down for each day in a pretty easy way.  As I am posting this the day after Day 16, I can tell you that it went well yesterday.  My frog?  The dishes.  I tackled them before breakfast – yes, that meant I did not do them the night before … but that is a different issue.  That made the rest of the morning go so well.   I then made breakfast, picked up for 30 minutes, then realized that the house was ‘company ready’ and took a break.  I was able to do something fun without feeling rushed or like I was ignoring the elephant in the room.

Practical Application #2 What do you tend to procrastinate on?  Make a plan of action to make this a priority.  – I tend to procrastinate on picking up the house.  This is something I should probably do before bed, but at that point I am so tired I don’t feel like doing much.  I should do this during nap time, but I often get distracted and this is my lowest energy point during the daytime.  I should do this in the mornings before everyone wakes up as that is when I have the most energy, but am afraid of waking everyone up.  (We live in an old house with wood floors that creak.)  So what is one to do?

Well, for now I have decided not to make this the ‘frog’ to eat first thing in the mornings.  It works better to do this first thing after breakfast (after brushing teeth, that is).  So, I am keeping that my goal.  Instead, I am going to work on something that will put my day on the right path to doing the general picking up after breakfast.  The biggest thing I procrastinate on, actually, is doing my Bible readings.  Like I said above, I know I am a day behind posting this post, but that allows me to let you know how Day 16 went.  I was able to do my Bible reading yesterday morning, which set the day up on the right foot.  My Quiet Time wasn’t long or perfect, but it was what I needed.

I already get up early and have my clothes laid out (usually), so adding this to my morning routine is not going to be difficult.  I just need to do it before menu planning, ironing, checking email, searching on Bing to earn points towards a gift card, before doing the daily polls and NOSO on Swagbucks to earn points towards gift cards, checking the weather, checking blogs I like to follow … basically before getting onto the computer.  I do my Quiet Times in our spare bedroom, which is also where I do quiet activities every morning before the house wakes up.  Though the desktop computer is also in that room, if I go straight to the bookcase and get an extra Bible off the shelf (or bring mine with me) I can sit on the bed without seeing the computer or being near it.  It is an oddly shaped, large room, so I really can do this without being near the computer.

To make this more likely to happen, I am going to place my Bible on the night stand next to the bed.  This will make it the first thing I see when I walk into the spare room.  I have started  a plan to read through the Bible in a year, though don’t ask me how long ago I started it.  Even though it has taken me more than a year, I am still plugging away at that goal.  My place is marked.  The bookmark with the plan printed on it is in place.  All I need to do is open it and keep reading.

Mega Project

So, my mega project.  This is what it looks like right now, minus the bags and boxes.

That’s right.  Nothing has changed since Day 10 or 11.  I have been thinking about it, doing things not involved with actually working in the dirt on this project.  This is the part I have been procrastinating about – getting out the shovel and digging up those stubborn roots left in there from weeds that had grown too large.

I knew I really should have working on this yesterday (the actually Day 16), but instead chose a more pressing matter – mulching leaves.  You see, it has been almost a week since my  husband got them into piles for me to mulch.  Then it rained.  So we have wet-ish piles of leaves sitting on top of grass in our yard.  This mean we have spots of grass dying in our yard.  Mulching has taken precedence over getting the roots out.  It is still a step I wanted to do for this area, just not in this order.

I guess when there are two things you procrastinate on, you can’t always to them in the order you originally had hoped.


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