Planning A Party – scheduling backwards

I always have great visions of how a party is going to go, but it never seems to work out that way.  It is the morning of the get together and I am running around finishing up last minute details.  It always works out in the end, but I never seem to get to enjoy the party as I feel like I’m running in a million directions. Take the picture above, for example.  This was from a tea I did this past spring.  All the food worked out great … it was only an hour late being served.  All the sandwiches were being finished at the very end and I had not judge the time well.

My goal for the one this week is to change that.  I really should have started on this last week or the week before, but I didn’t fully realize that I only had 2 or 3 weeks till the party.  “Surely November isn’t that close yet!”

Well, here we are.  I thought I would write out my thoughts on planning this, to show how I am going to accomplish this goal.  As the week progreses I’ll adjust this as I remember things to do, or get other items done earlier.

FYI: this is in backwards order.  The things you see first will actually be done last.

– Eat cake

– Serve supper.

– Set out deviled eggs right before serving supper.

– Open gifts.

– Begin Party

– Set out cake

– Have kids blow up balloons and tape around area.  Have the kids decorate with crepe paper as they wish (the older kids)

– Start coffee pot

– Put hot cocoa crockpot out. Place cups beside crockpot, along with ladel.

– Set up tea station – hot water kettle and assortment of teas, honey bottle, sugar bowl; plastic spoons for mixing; cups for drinking

– Set up for party – set up tables, cover with tableclothes; set up chairs; set up tent, if outside; turn on music.

– Arrange veggies on platter, set out.

– Place muffin on platter, set out.  Put butter or margarine  nearby, along with some jams.

– Place soups in crockpots, or on stove, on low

– Morning – empty trash

– Morning – take frozen chili out of freezer, remove corn bread muffins from freezer



– Decorate cake and place in fridge

– Make deviled eggs

– Cut veggies, place in bags, for veggie tray

– Gather chairs and tables in one place

– Bring party bin upstairs, or bring items needed from it upstairs

– Vaccum and sweep

– Pick up and declutter the main living areas



– Bake cake; cover and place in fridge



– Mix up  iced tea and lemonade, place in fridge

– Vaccum and sweep

– Declutter and pick up the dinning room and kitchen

– Make haystacks; place in air tight container.



– Grocery shopping

– Make chilis; freeze

– Find a few games for people to play



– Practice making cake

– Make cupcakes and place in fridge

– Make corn bread muffins; freeze.

– Do a quick clean up of the bathroom



– Buy eggs to make cake

– Put together rough estimate of number of people attending (= 35)