Preserving Basil


This is my first year try to preserve basil.  I have several plants in the garden and wish to keep some for use over winter.  The more new recipes I try, the more I find myself using herbs.  Basil is a common one that is called for and I don’t want to actually have to buy it this winter.

In an effort to find ways to preserve it I turned to the internet.  I did a search and came up with several different sites with ideas.  There were other sites I also came across, but which often repeated one or several of the ideas below.

Just for clarification, preserving does not necessarily mean the came thing to all people.  I first thought of drying and freezing, but now have several different methods to dry on if needed.

As always, I am not endorsing any method.  Check with your local extension office if you want to make sure a particular method is safe.

Kalyn at Kalyn’s Kitchen presented a way to keep fresh basil fresh for over a week.  I think this would be a very useful way to keep it if you picked too much, bought a bunch from the store, wanted to share some with a friend, or any other way in which you needed it fresh within a relatively soon time frame.

Fern at Life on the Balcony gives three different ways to keep basil.  I thought the idea of salting to be a unique one.  You also are not really wasting anything as both the basil and salt can then be used.

Sandra at A Pinch Of wrote a post in  doing the exact same thing I had thought of doing.  She tried several different methods and compared the results.  I am going to take her at her word and believe her resultes.  This quick search saved me time, in that I do not feel the need to repeat the same trials.

Here is a YouTube video showing you how to preserve basil by freezing it in ice cube trays.  If you are more of a visual learner, then this might be up your alley.

Organic Gardening has a list of tips for drying and freezing.  If you need something quick to look at, versus reading a long post, then check this out.

Patsy at The Herb Companion shares 5 ways to preserve basil.  Two of the methods were ones I had not seen in other places.  Actually, I thought about Christmas gifts when I read about the vinegar.  You could put together a basket of the vinegar with some honey and maple syrup you either produced on your property or got locally.  You now have the start to a great ‘gourmet’ basket.

I think I will try a few of the methods found above.  I happen to have a gallon of vinegar, so will try that method.  Not with the whole gallon, of course.  As well as freezing a pesto and drying it.  If I have enough salt I think I will also try that method.  So, in the end I am going to do a bit of everything, though not drying.  At least, not at this time.  Who knows what the next few weeks will hold.  I may end up drying it also.

How do you preserve herbs?  Any other ways to keep basil good through till next year?