If any of you saw the weather this past week, or even now, you will know that there was a little rainstorm down south.  This rain storm then proceeded to leave it’s impact on the rest of the country in the form of rain.  Lots of rain.

I was gone this past weekend on a weekend family vacation.  (We are doing a lot of weekends away rather than a long vacation this year.)  It did not rain on us at all until the last night.  By then we were all asleep and only knew about it from the puddles outside.  However, at my house a few hours south of where we were, it apparently rained steady for two or three days non-stop.  My grass and garden is ever so thankful.

While talking with a neighbor I asked if her tomatos cracked a lot.  The response was along the lines of, “No.  They exploded!  Literally.  Just exploded.”  Now that is something I would like to have seen.  Her too.  She wished she had a camera to watch it is slow motion.

It is a shame though.  At least if they only split you could do something with them.  Well, now I know that there is something worse than split tomatoes.

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