This Week In Canning – September 1, 2012


I really thought I would be further along in my goals for the year than I currently am.  I am still chugging along, though at a slower pace.

This past week’s plan for canning up 6 months worth of spaghetti sauce did not materialize.  I was able to dice and freeze 4 sandwich sized bags of bell peppers. (There were two or three peppers to the bag.)

Even though it is not what I meant to do, I am still very thankful to be able to put these up.  Even more so come February when peppers cost twice what they do now and I want to cook or bake with them.

What I do not look forward to is the day when these run out and I want to make something with them.  I never look forward to those days.  That is why I try to put up a bit more than I think I will use.