Weekly Goals – August 19, 2012


Previous Goals:


  1. Can 3 batches of salsafinished this; ended up with 22 pints.  As an added bonus I got almost 3 quarts of juice from the tomatoes.


  1. Plan Fall Bible Time activities – Started this, but have not gotten a long way down.  I have about two weeks planned out.  I’ll share more when I finish.
  2. Make reading plan for rest of the year – I have the list of books, but need to break them down into months.
  3. Order books from list (above) from library
  4. Cut hair – I decided to wait a bit to do this; let some length come back to cover up some mistakes I made on my first ever attempt.


  1. Follow up with incorrect bill.
  2. Research cameras (mine is too old to find a memory card for easily)
  3. Take clothes to consignment store
  4. Put together backpacks for school
  5. Clear off shelf in kitchen
  6. Go through fabrics and find one to get rid of
  7. Change and hang cabinets in garage
  8. Order photos for picture frames


  1. Schedule classes for date night (we decided to take some fun classes at our local community college; these are classes that run for only one night and cover something we both enjoy) – I didn’t get them scheduled, but I did decide which classes and which dates I want to actually sign up for. 

New Goals:


  1. Can or freeze 6 months worth of spaghetti sauce (24+ quarts)
  2. Clear off garden work space/counter


  1. Finish planning Fall Bible Times
  2. Break book list down into months
  3. Research cameras
  4. Clear off shelf
  5. Change and hand cabinets in garage


  1. Schedule classes