Weekly Goals – August 13, 2012

It feels almost as if I am flitting and fluttering from here to there this week.  Summer has come to a very quick end and I AM NOT READY!  I’m late for the test and I haven’t studied.  Yeah, that feeling.

The goals did get written down Monday morning and posted on the refrigerator.  And I have been working on them.  They just have not gotten posted online.  I am currently in the middle of finishing one of the goals and have a few minutes of ‘free’ time.  Instead of sitting down with my book, like I would really love to do, I thought that perhaps I should share with you all what it is I hope to finish this week.

Previous Goals


  1. Make pumpkin bread and muffins to freeze and give away – we were actually able to use this when something came up spur of the moment. I also had fun doing this with some kids
  2. Clear off and organize pantry shelves – I did this in my daydreams, but I don’t think that counts.


  1. Drink less soda (5) – I’m currently drinking about one a day.  It isn’t a habit, but a daily indulgence) – Nope, I gave in too much.
  2. Eat fewer carbs – This really needs to be more specific.


  1. Water daily if it hasn’t rained
  2. Spend 15 minutes daily working on weeding the flower beds
  3. Can pizza and spaghetti sauce – got half of the pizza sauce done that I wanted to, but thought we should eat it and make sure we like it before I make more.


New Goals


  1. Can 3 batches of salsa


  1. Plan Fall Bible Time activities
  2. Make reading plan for rest of the year
  3. Order books from list (above) from library
  4. Cut hair


  1. Follow up with incorrect bill.
  2. Research cameras (mine is too old to find a memory card for easily)
  3. Take clothes to consignment store
  4. Put together backpacks for school
  5. Clear off shelf in kitchen
  6. Go through fabrics and find one to get rid of
  7. Change and hang cabinets in garage
  8. Order photos for picture frames


  1. Schedule classes for date night (we decided to take some fun classes at our local community college; these are classes that run for only one night and cover something we both enjoy)


So this week is a bit weighted in the Household category and not so much in the Gardening.  Some weeks are like that.

What are you goals for this week?  How are they coming along?