Turning Green, Unripe Fruit Into Something Useful – figs & tomatoes

Here in Zone 7b we still have about a month left before first frost. As I write this the dehydrator is running with some cherry tomatoes, we have more than we can eat right now, and figs inside. However, what about in a month? What should I do with all the unripe fruit still on the vine?

A few years back, in Zone 6a, I was faced with the same question concerning green tomatoes. That is how I came across Green Tomato Bread and also made some fried green tomatoes for the family. Currently our freezer is not plugged in, though that is on my shirt list to change. If that does happen the I plan to shred and freeze some bags of green tomatoes. Even the green cherry tomatoes which get knocked off while picking the ripe ones could be saved and frozen. I have not done so due to limited space.

This past week I was thrilled to see we had ripe figs. As my fig tree has died back to the ground each of the past two winters I had not expected an actual harvest. Last year we had a lot of green figs but none which ripened.

Today I came across a recipe for unripe fig jam. I had never heard of such a preserve so did some looking, mainly to find a version written in english with American measurements. 😉 Yes, I could translate and do conversions…but I have other things I would rather do right now, honestly.

Here is the initial unripe fig jam recipe I saw, in afrikaans with metric measurements.

Here is an Unripe Fig Jam recipe in english with U.S. customary units.

Creative Savv wrote a post and shared her recipe for Spiced Green Fig Jam. She even says the jars are stored in an extra fridge. I agree with some of the commenters that the acidity is likely high enough for a water bath canner. However I have not seen anything from the NCHFP concerning this particular recipe or any variation. If I think about it later this week I would be curious to give them a call to ask.

What other ways do you use unripe or green produce from your garden to make something edible?