Music Theory, Is It Covid-19?, and Saying Yes To Good Memories

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Not exactly a catchy title, I know. However it is very accurate about live few weeks back – a bit discombobulated, not very exciting overall.

It all started with a scratchy throat. “Surely it is due to drinking too much coffee?” “Maybe I slept with my mouth open??” “Perhaps I need to drink more water???” I was in denial till the stuffiness came and the coughing. Yup, a cold. The best part? We all ended up getting it. This has never happened in this house to date, all of us being sick at one time.

The lack of energy I had was a great reminder of what it takes to make it through a typical day. The ability to breath and talk also helps. As the symptoms got worse and lasted a few days I began to ask myself if it was a cold or the flu. Or worse, was it Covid-19?

Finally, after a day where I was asking myself why it was I was being so whiny (would have helped if I could actually breath through my nose so as to have energy) my symptoms disappeared. Not completely, the cough is still lingering. However, my energy came back and I can talk again without my throat yelling at me.

If this is what a cold is like this year I do not want to imagine what actually getting Covid would feel like.

After giving thought to some of our curriculum I realized my kids were having trouble with the theory part of music and so took advantage of a local-ish children’s symphony having their courses moved online. After the first class it became clear I could not sit my children in front of the screen and expect them to pick up on everything. Thus began my journey to add supplemental teaching at home. For a class I had never taught but about who’s subject I was very familiar. A class with an unknown syllabus. What could go wrong?

After finding an unused music theory book of George’s I began to gather resources and formulate a plan.

Who does not like a working on music theory while listening to a story of King Arthur and His Knights and eating lunch at a park?

More resources

For composer study this term we are deviating from the AO suggested composer. For this Follow-The-List mom that is a huge step. I decided it was better to do something than to fail while trying to do the suggested thing. With that in mind we are studying Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Camping out in the backyard has been high on the kids’ list of desired activities for a while. So many plans, often thwarted by less than desirable behaviors. This time, though, “Sounds great! Let’s do it.” They each started out with a different structure – play tent for one, pvc pipe cube for the other. From there each extended it with different resources – stumps and random wood for one, saw horses and a blanket for the other.

A table was constructed, seating added, a cooler of resources collect (“So we don’t have to go inside if we want something.”), and a fire started.

The dog was along for the ride.

By midnight one was asleep and the other wanted to talk.

My 2 a.m. one was still asleep and the other had not only knocked down his tent, but also the reconstructed tend made for him. He headed inside and the dog was the sole resident of the greatest dog house ever.

By 6 a.m. I went inside for breakfast.

By 10 a.m. the sole remaining outside sleeper was forcibly woken up, which not even the bright sun in his face had accomplished. A few tears were shed, food added to his stomach, and this Mean Mom made them go to co-op and actually learn something.

Life is so hard.

Later in the week the rains from a hurricane came across us.

Two weeks later the last of the wood is still in the yard as there are grand intends to rebuild. Not sure I have the patience and energy for it at this particular moment.