Keep It Or Sell It, That Is The Question

The question to what? The question I ask myself whenever I come across something unique, pretty, above $40 new, new-to-me, new in package, or which we already own while curb shopping. Here are a few examples. What would you do in these situations – Keep or Sell?

Vegetable Glycerin

This new bottle of liquid vegetable glycerin was deemed not worth packing when a move was in the near future for someone in our neighborhood. Research online showed me a new bottle costs about $10 at local stores. Research into possible uses gave me several gift or home uses.

After realizing how easy it would be to make bath salts and put into old Classic sauce jars I had saved I decided to keep the bottle and help the kids make Christmas gifts.

Castile Soap

This bottle was in the same box as the very glycerin. Again, I had heard of the great used of Castile Soap but never actually used it. I was all set to take a picture, the one above actually, and list it to sell when I found a foaming liquid hand soap recipe.

As we use foaming hand soap, often made by diluting regular handsome refill with 1/2-1/3 water, it would be counter productive to spend the time to list, sell, and meet-up/send this item only to turn around and buy liquid hand soap. This was another keep item.

Books. I love books! When younger I could not understand why there was not a library which had a copy of every book ever printed. With a never shrinking pile of books at my bedside I long ago learned why – there are so many books and so little time to read them all. Over the years I have also come to realize not all books are worth reading; some are poorly written, out of date, or not something of which I need to know. While someone may really enjoy learning about the Visualization of Shock Wave Phenomenon it is not an area which I need to study at this point. Hence, this book is not in my library but may be in yours.

The Chrysanthemum Big Book is also something I no longer need. Not only am I not teaching a class but my kids are more into Star Wars chapter books or information about dog than reading beginner books. This one is definitely a Sell. Where to sell books? There are a few places I have utilized in the past or currently do so – Facebook Marketplace, local online For Sale groups, or sell back sites (SellBackYourBooks, Ziffit, Booksrun, etc.).

The photo above does not do the sink justice, it is fairly large. What do you do with an extra sink? Glad you asked. A dry sink in the garden, replace a current sink of yours, sell it, donate it, ….make a planter out of it? As we do not need a sink at the moment and it has been sitting in the garden waiting to be turned into a dry garden sink for the past 6+ months it needs to go. Sell it shall be, that or donate.