My Tuffet Was The Radish Patch

…and I was not frightened away, though I did jumped back in surprise.

Radishes were the last thing in my garden from the spring plants which I had not pulled. When they began to bolt and I let them keep growing, forming flowers along the way for the bees and other insects. They now have seed pods which I wanted to harvest and not let naturally self seed.

With heavy storms expected I did a quick, gloveless, grab and pull of the largest plants. These were placed in a pile on the ground next to me while I pulled the next. During one of these motions I looked over and saw this gal camouflaged very well on a radish leaf less than a foot from my face. In surprise I started back. Then, regaining my composure, I gently plucked the leaf from the plant, took some photos, then relocated her away from the area in which I was working. Afterwards I looked up her identification and information.

Peucetia viridans, commonly known as a green lynx spider which usually does not bite humans. As they do feed on honey bees if I cross it’s path again it may be guided across the Great Spiderweb in the Sky. Until then I am hoping it makes itself useful eating some of the unwanted insects around the magnolia tree.