Making Seed Mats For Your Garden To Save Time and Money

In the upcoming weeks I am going to be redoing a raised bed of ours, exchanging the cinder block edges for some vinyl ones a friend gave me after they decided to remove a garden bed in their back yard. The soil in this bed is decent but the weeds continuously grow in the blocks causing a never ending battle. This method seemed like a good idea but is not working out for me in this setting at this time.

Once this bed is weeded, the old plants removed, and the edges replaced I hope to put in a second/fall garden. This will include lettuce and other small seeds.

Two of the issues I have been having is getting seeds to sprout and spacing them appropriately. Seed mats sounded like a good solution except for the price and lack of having the seeds I want to plant. I have the seeds, why not make the seed mats myself?

This would be a good thing to do on a rainy day, early one morning while everyone is sleeping, while watching a movie, or when needing a quiet time activity. Lettuce and beets will be the first ones I make, likely followed by some peas or green beans.

The bed in the picture above has been weeded and the tomato plants supported. I have begun planting fall crops it it but will be using seed mats for the rest of the beets I hope to grow here and in other pockets of space in the garden.