Catching My First Swarm and Expanding The Apiary

Yesterday was uneventful, until it wasn’t. After church I did a few things around the house but was fairly relaxed watching various YouTube videos, including ones where various beekeepers were catching swarms.

Then the doorbell rang.

A neighbor behind us, whom we have not met hesitatingly asked if we kept bees. He wasn’t sure if he was at the right place. 😄 Seems either one of our hives swarmed or a random swarm alighted upon a tree in his yard. I grabbed my bin of beekeeping supplies, an empty deep (box) and headed over. Within 15 minutes I had most of the swarm knocked off and headed into a box. Took much longer for all the stragglers to make their way in.

In the meantime I got to educate two neighbors on bees, meet new neighbors, check to see if the one with the pool was having any trouble with my bees (he was not, thankfully), and start a hive for George.

Today I transfered a frame of brood and honey into George’s hive to help give them a boost. As a storm was rolling in, and my second hive had already stung me twice, I did not look to see if there was a queen. That can wait for some nicer weather.