Is this an unattainable dream or something almost accomplished?

Lunch today courtesy of a sale at the grocery store – sirloin steak with Mrs. Balls chutney, feta and veggie couscous salad, and grilled onions. I was just lamenting to my husband that I missed beef which was not ground. Everything else was either too expensive or not in stock. Then I saw the flier for this week! As it was they were out when I got there on the third day of their sale. Thankfully the truck had just come in but was not yet unloaded. At the end of my shopping I went to the meat counter and asked if they had any – he must have had a box in his hands as he lifted up a package for me. Today’s lunch and one next weekend are now taken are of.

The bees seem to be settling in well enough. The one hive has more bees and was already filling in most of their frames thereby warranting the addition of a medium on top so they could keep growing and storing. The sight of pollen on their legs when they return from foraging brings a smile to my face every time. I am still feeding them but hope that is no longer needed in the next month or so.

The cucumber starts inside are almost ready to transplant. The pepper plants will be going out in a few days. Green beans are up, as are a late planting of radishes. The beets never appeared so I tried again. These may end up being a fall crop this year with a planting made during late summer.

A tiered planter has been repaired, painted, and made the new home of a sole surviving strawberry plant, marigolds, herbs, and a few small veggies. Ultimately I would like it to be mainly strawberries. In the meantime the other plants will help shade the soil and hopefully keep some pests away.

Salvaged trellises have been repainted and installed. Some flowers were planted under a few while the others will serve as support for cucumbers this year. Next year I would like for them to have flowers to feed the bees and help encourage pollination of other nearby plants.

Propegation of tomato plants from seed did not result in, well, much. User error rather than due to the quality of seeds. Instead of beating myself up about it further I bought some plants earlier this week. 6 have been planted and the rest I hope to put in this evening.

That trip also resulted in a marked down plant for the butterfly garden. It may look a bit tired now but after a trim and good soil it will be as good as new. Little by little this area is getting filled in.

This week seemed to have been the time for updating patio umbrellas in the surrounding neighborhoods as there were many out for trash pickup. Several landed in my vehicle, destined for the recycling yard. One of the umbrellas was beyond repair yet it’s canopy fabric was in perfect condition. It now resides on our (previously salvaged) umbrella whose canopy would have needed replaced in a few months.

This upcoming week I would like to finish adjusting our border garden’s edge, laying down cardboard, and emptying out the bags of mulch sitting in the bed waiting to be applied. The rain these past few weeks, as well as trying to get our school year wrapped up this coming week and the next year prepped for the week following, has delayed my outside activities.

It would be nice if the yard looked in reality the same as its potential does in my mind. One step at a time, but I am ready to stop seeing projects every time I look at it. Does that ever really happen or am I dreaming of the unattainable?