Admitting Your Vulnerabilities Does Not Make You A Weak Person, here have a cookie

Every superhero has their source of vulnerability. Superman’s is kryptonite. The Flash’s is cold. Wonder Woman’s is being tied by The Lasso. While I may not have a full body spandex outfit with a cape to accompany a cool moniker, I too have a vulnerability. Mine? Cookies. There are only a slight few I discriminate against. Breakfast cookies are not one of them, for which my kids are eternally grateful.

This morning’s hearty breakfast cookie is brought to you by Renee from the Little Earthling blog and my pantry. One of the aspects of this cookie that I enjoy is the flexibility in ingredients … and the peanut butter. Peanut butter is a close second to cookies on my List Of Things I Love To Eat.

Adjustments made to the recipe:

  • as there were no nuts in the pantry which I was willing to sacrifice for these cookies, I chose to use the open jar of crunchy peanut butter
  • mini chocolate chips were used as an additive
  • the cooking time was extended a bit as I made these fairly large

Following her advice I made large cookies. They did not rise, though they did spread out a bit.

Easy and delicious!

Do you have any easy recipes for breakfast dishes which you like to use?