Being a lazy, financially savvy gardener has its benefits

When looking for plants to add to my garden perennials find their way into my plan more often than annuals. Why? The ability to plant once and receive a beautiful benefit year after year. Does this make me a lazy gardener or a financially savvy, time-aware gardener? Yes.

The tulip bulbs I planted last fall and this spring are beginning to sprout. Some of these may even be the ones I planted a year ago but which did not appear last year.

Tulips are not the only things you can plant, though I am fairly partial to this non-native flower.

At times we all need help to broaden our horizons of ideas for spring perennial plantings. Especially if that resource also goes into depth enough to talk of various varieties of said flowers.

Learning from others saves time and frustration. Apparently I am still learning that as I try to reinvent the wheel over and over. Be smarter than me. Learn from others, such ad The Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, DE. (Pronounced “HOE-kess-in”.) TheY have and still are conducting research not only on certain native plants but on specific cultivars to see which do better in various settings.

A bit further south and west similar activities are taking place in a very different growing zone and a much larger state. The focus is similarly on native plants. They take it a step further and focus on the conservation of native plants as well.

When you continue west, turn north, and gain a lot of altitude you will find yet more research and inquiry taking place concerning native plants from which we can learn.

What are some of your favorite perennials to plant? Have you added any to your garden this year? Personally, I am looking forward to enjoying the cone flowers I planted last spring. Not the ones pictured below, though that is how I eventually would like them to appear.