Frugal, Lazy, or a Smart dog owner?

It is currently 9:45 a.m. and the kids are still in bed. The house is so quiet which I really needed after a loud, grumpy day yesterday. They will not be sleeping much longer as we have an IEP meeting at 11. Yes, even homeschoolers can have IEPs with the public school, especially if they continue to take advantage of services such as speech therapy. Our school and SP has been awesome though I am thinking this may be our last year needing it. Never thought I would say those words.

“Why are your kids still asleep at 9:45?!?! They will never learn how to function as adults when they will need to get up for work!” Perhaps. Or maybe they will work second or third shift and their body’s natural rhythm will be more in line with their daily expectations. Mainly, though, it has to do with the fact that they were up from 3:30-6 this morning and I was insistent they go. Back. To. Bed. I may like seeing 4 a.m. but prefer it to be of my own choosing.

I am also running an unofficial experiment to see if sleeping later leads to eating better leads to getting meds later leads to having a better regulated kid at sports practice. This particular child seems to have liked basketball practice…in theory. His hyperactivity actually leads him to being uncertain and shy in cases where he does not know people well and results in socially unacceptable behaviors. It does not help that practice is at the end of the day when the effects of his medicine are wearing off and normally we are getting ready for bed. I still think it is a good growing experience and we will see this season through to the end but likely will not enroll this child in basketball again. Maybe Ultimate Frisbee is a better fit? They also practice less and have a shorter season. Just sayin’.

Image below is from when we lived in Small Town and the kids were too small to make use of this goal. Yet they recently brought it up and lamented when we had to take it down due to expanding the driveway. They could not understand why, 5 years ago, we did not move the concreted-in-the-ground goal, which they never used, over to a different spot. They were actually giving me a hard time last week about that choice. Amazing how we can remember things different from the reality of the moment.

This morning I made use of my quiet alone time to declutter and watch a YouTube channel while eating breakfast. Debt Free Dana was comparing the article, “17 things frugal people don’t do” with their life to see if it was true for them as well. I found most of what was said also lines up with what we do. I thought those things were “normal”.

Then I laughed at myself and asked a question, “Is what I just did considered frugal, lazy, or being a smart dog owner?” What I had done was to put my dog outside in the rain before decluttering. See, he needs a bath yet does not like the water hose being near him while there is water coming out of it. The day is only getting colder as time goes on. By putting him outside this morning it was warmer, he would get thoroughly wet by lunch, then all I have to do is lather him up and rinse him off. In the process I save water and the effort of keeping him in place while we start the process.

What do you think: frugal, lazy, or smart dog owner? I will not be offended if you tell me bluntly that I am solely being lazy and should just hold his 100+ lb self in place while George washes him. Either way he will gets treats afterwards – the dog that is, not George.