Continuing Education Can Help You Grow In The Garden

It is early in the morning, around 4:30 I believe. The cold given to me by George had woken me up with a coughing fit. That is okay as I had wanted to get up this early anyway. Wednesdays are our busy day with out of home activities, mainly joining with a few other families in an informal co-op to cover several school topics. Sometimes we add in a volunteer activity, or a trip to the recycling yard, or an extra activity at the library where we meet. I knew if I wanted to get anything actually accomplished here at home I would need to do so before everyone else woke up.

One way I wanted to start my day was with a little something for myself, continuing education you might call it. I not only want the kids to hear “learning does not stop once you leave school” I want them to see it. Granted, the Little Bedheads are asleep so they won’t be actually seeing this. What they will see are the results of the learning.

This morning’s gardening topic comes from You Can’t Eat The Grass. They are talking about “Cut Flower Garden for Beginners – From Seed to Bouquet”.

A large cut flower garden to sell at a local market is not in my future plans at this time. What I am looking to do is grow better flowers for home use and to leave for pollinators.

A few tips I picked up from watching:

  • Create supports, even a basic one will do, for your zinnias or other large flowers.
  • Know what you want. Be specific. There will be plants out there to fit your needs.
  • It is okay to make mistakes. Learn from them.
  • Different flowers get cut at different points along their stem.

There are many more tips and lessons talked about, you should take a look for yourself.

What are some other garden topics you have learned more about recently? What are some of your favorite places to go for getting more information?