Easy Meal Planning Saves Time

Twice recently I have found myself searching for a recipe I had previously made and wanted to make again. Twice recently I found myself wasting time in searching for the same recipe online because I had not taken the literal one minute it took to add it to my list of recipes at Plan To Eat.

Plan to Eat is not only my online recipe book but also the place I create my weekly and monthly meal plans. The click and drag feature makes it easy. You can also add notes to either your recipes or to the meal plan. It seems I added the links in the meal plan as a note for that particular meal rather than using the “import from web” link to add it to my recipe collection. Why? Because I thought I was saving time at that particular moment. I was wrong.

I have been using Plan To Eat for the past 6 years, which sounds like a lot longer than it feels. So much has happened in that time! When I first began using it life was busy with young kids and my spreadsheet method was taking up more time than it was worth. I also had random papers and cook books with recipes, which meant lots of searching if I wanted to make sure I had all the needed ingredients. After investing more time upfront to manually enter recipes, find links to add them via the web, and adjust the recipes according to how we make them I can now create a meal plan and corresponding shopping list in minutes. With bigger kids and home schooling it is a blessing to be able to keep up with larger appetites and more activities.

Finding the recipes I need for a meal is now supper simple…if I remember to upload them first. Now off I go to make Garlicky Roasted Broccoli to go with super tonight. Yum!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat