New Development in the World of Canning?

Rarely am I accused of jumping on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest thing. Sometimes, yes. More often then not, though, I like to know something works before heading down that route and “why fix something that ain’t broken?”. When it comes to canning I also want to know it is safe to feed my family – has it been tested? what research has been done? what background does the source have to show me they know what they are talking about?

When I first saw the headline, “This Hot New Tool May Revolutionize Home Canning…But Is It Safe?” my thoughts jumped to it being an advertisement. As I am sitting here waiting for the kids to fall asleep I figured I would check it out anyway. My first impressions were wrong, apparently the University of Wisconsin extension office has done some testing on…steam canners!

As with other types of canning there are guidelines as to what can or can’t be canned. I can not argue about the benefits of using less water and keeping the house cooler. My hesitations go to food safety. Will it heat the food in the jars through enough to stay safe as well as “traditional” canning?

Steam canning might catch on quickly or perhaps it will be met with hesitations like mine and take longer to become a norm. Either way, I would need to research it more before I would be willing to try it out.

Leave a comment with your thoughts. I really would like to hear what others think concert this “new tool”.