Simple Steps for Quick Winter Preparations You Can Accomplish in Your Flower Gardens Today

When the fall equinox was not yet here, changes and weather patterns were beginning to point toward fall weather. Out of hopeful habit we often begin to wind down gardening and slowly retreat indoors, even if the weather is still very warm. Even so, there are still things which can be done out in the garden to prepare for next year. This year, though the cooler fall weather was a few weeks later than normal, it did finally arrive. Before it did so, though, I did some work in our front bed. These actions can still be done and are in other areas of the yard.

The front bed has had some set backs this year resulting in flowers seeds not sprouting and parts of the bushes dying back. Instead of fighting it I decided to embrace the issues and plant perennials in this space, as well as flower bulbs. Spring bulbs need to be planted in the autumn so as to gain the energy needed to make it through winter and force out the blooms in the spring. The local hardware store has bulbs for sale and plants on clearance. The clearance flowers happened to be larger versions of one I planted in this space several months ago. My hope is the smaller one will return next year and the two new ones will continue to expand.

The mulch also needs to be updated after another weeding session takes place. By taking care of the weeds now there should be fewer weed seeds to sprout in the spring, more nutrients available for the plants I am actually wanting to grow, and less guilt for me every time I walk past this bed.

While most people wait till the spring time to do these activities, we do not get a lot of snow here so I am going to take care of the mulch now while I can. The average last frost for our zone is also about a month away. Plenty of time left to enjoy a new layer of wood chips and green plants.