The Hedge Lord in our house is…

We like to play board games in our house, invite others over to play them, and go places to play them with others. We are not nearly as hard core as some people, but we do enjoy playing them.

Two weeks ago we invited friends over to play. 25 people were here … and absolutely no games made an appearance. We were all too busy talking and eating. Earlier this week, however, we joined a local game night group and had actual games played. This is a group my husband began going to some time last year I believe. The kids and I join in if all the stars are aligned correctly. More often than not they are not in alignment for one kid or the other, so I get to stay home and work toward achieving world peace.

You are welcome. Now enjoy some pretty flowers.

Not only were we all able to go to game night this week, but two unexpected things took place. The first thing to happen was meeting another mom whose kids and mine had hit it off with right away. She did not join in the games but we ended up talking for quite a while as my guys finished up a round or two of the game they were playing. Turned out we have a fair amount in common in regard to our kids and husbands. She gave me her contact info and I think we are going to try and meet up. I have been talking to a lot of new people this past week, which takes a lot out of me, but often ends up to be so worth doing.

The second thing to have taken place was the introduction of a new game. We have played a variety of games over the years, starting with Candy Land and going toward Dominion. Some games which were hard are now too easy. Some games we have are a bit too complicated for the kids to play yet. Do not even get me started on Chess, which one of our kids thinks he knows the rules to but does not, a fact which does not keep him from arguing with you about what is or is not allowed.

When the new game came out last night I was not sure which way it would go – too easy or too complicated. Turns out it was neither. At first I thought the kids might get bored with it. A few turns in and Jack was extremely focused. The game ended and he was ready for a seconds. This time strategy came into play and I saw how the game really could be for various ages and skill levels. Jack tried to collude with George, which George proceeded to decline. Jack took the opportunity to make it harder on George’s pieces with the options he had on hand. Ah, brotherly love apparently does not apply to games.

The game? Hedge Lord.

This 2-4 player game is based on, well, let the designers speak for themselves:

We saw ourselves as the dastardly lords that entered the mysterious, moving maze with our loyal beasts to pummel our peers in the most wicked of wagers. We escaped from our own world into another which required cunning and conniving in order to gain gargantuan grandeur to be crowned the “most honorable Hedge Lord.”

Molly, Timbrook Toys

Who would not want to join in on this wonderful scheme? Apparently I am not destined for grandeur of this sort as both Jack and George beat me, taking way too much pleasure as their beasts captured and devoured me as only pre-teen boys can make happen with a wooden game. Got to love the imagination they have going on inside their pumpkin-heads.

Jack took a break to play a game or two of darts, then came right back to Hedge Lord to finish up several more rounds against players 3-4 times his age. They were all having fun.

Not only was I impressed with the game, but the quality as well. Hedge Lord is made by a new toy company, Timbrook Toys. This couple currently makes the wooden game themselves, from the screen printing on the lid to the cutting of pieces. You can tell their love for the game in the quality of materials and precision with which is was made.

I have been in no way compensated for giving my opinions, only in wanting to spread the word about a game which I think others would enjoy. Today one of the kids asked if we could buy the game. Apparently it made an imprint on them as well. If you are looking for a game to add which involves strategy, chance, and a changing board I would suggest looking into Hedge Lord.

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