4 Lessons I have Learned From YouTube

Looking to add a bit of creativity to my day, while preparing for a large get together in a few days, I clicked on this video:

My takeaways: a hand sander would save so much time in my life, making a table really does not have to be complicated, and it is possible to look put together while doing projects. Not only will I keep these projects in mind as inspiration, but also her outfit as a reminder that looking good does not have to be overly complicated.


Something I have done in the past, yet stopped doing for unknown reasons, was burying kitchen scraps instead of adding them always to the compost pile.

Takeaway: I started back with this activity this week, each day choosing a different part of the yard to bury scraps directly into my beds near plants. As I rotate around the yard I will eventually add some to every bed or major plant, then start again. On days I do not have time to dig a hole the scraps will go into the tumbler. Not only will I be providing plants with (eventual) compost but amending my clay heavy soil as well.


While I am not into electrical work to this extent, it is nice to see someone working hard for what they want. I am looking forward to the following videos. After watching his $12,000 house remodel I came away respecting his work ethic. This house is a bit different and something I too would most likely have done.

When my grandmother moved into town she sold her house, where they had lived for almost 40 years; the new owners did not take care of the property unfortunately. It went to sheriff’s auction. Good news, to me, was that it ended up going back to the family of whose farm it had historically been a part. (Bad part? It was in such horrible shape they had to tear the house down. All those years of hard work were for naught.)

Takeaway: when an opportunity presents itself, sometimes you have to take it. It may mean some sacrifice, which will require you to judge if it is really worth it, and your exact purpose for taking the risk. Also, a house is a house. There are a lot of emotions tied to them, but they do not last forever.


With all the projects I try to do, I often find I am my biggest stumbling block, trying to do things cheaply takes me longer and makes the job harder. This is where ‘cheap’ and ‘frugal’ diverge.

Takeaway: stop trying to reinvent the wheel. You do not need to do it all on your own. Sometimes it is worth spending a little bit of money to save a whole lot of time and sanity.