How I Saved…Habits Can Be Great Things

While looking up a post on tomatoes I came across a post from a few years back. It had been a week of large savings, something I went on to talk about us having made a habit of doing from the time we were married. Actually this habit started before we were married as it is also a part of our personalities.

The post was an encouragement as I still continue to do things to save money, yet wondering at times if it really makes a difference. I began to wonder what other similar posts I have shared over the years. A simple search turned up more than I had anticipated. If you are also encouraged by these types of posts or are looking for ideas to help you save in your daily lives I encourage you to make yourself a homemade drink of choice and browse through these. Take notes along the way, too. I would love to hear ideas which were sparked by reading something, or resonated with how you also save in your daily life.

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Stay The Course, Reach Your Goals

What are some goals you have? How are you working toward them? I would love to hear how you have saved this past week or plan to save in the upcoming week. Encouraging each other in this journey helps us all stay focused and make progress.