Waste Not, Want Not – finding uses for the odd things in life

Do you ever pay attention to exactly how much we throw away? Even I catch myself tossing items into the trash can only later to think that I should have recycled that particular item out in the garden or turned it into something else. I wonder what our ancestors will think when they come across our landfills in the future. How much ‘stuff’ could we use a second or third time? What items did we not need in the first place?

Here are some ideas of ways to not let those little bits of this and that go to waste. There are many more ideas and ways to find a new life for these items, so please do not let this list limit your imagination.

  • Doughnut/cake/cookie/cereal crumbs – ice cream topping
  • Stained shirts/holey socks/worn towels/old blankets – stuffing for pet bed
  • Dryer lint, old candles, and empty cardboard rolls/egg cartons – fire starters
  • Dryer lint, cotton swabs with paper sticks, used coffee grounds, no longer needed printed paper, old shoe boxes, paper wrapping/packing paper – compost
  • Old boots, pails with holes, wooden boxes – planters
  • Metal top of light fixture – garden decor and/or top to a trellis
  • Wooden chair – garden decor, pot holder, trellis

Tonight we made milkshakes for dessert using leftover brownies and extra vanilla ice cream. They were delicious! The brownies themselves had dried out a bit and would have been hard to eat by themselves, unless you also had a cup of coffee or hot cocoa to go along with them. After soaking in a bit of milk they blended up well. (I would share photos but they did not last that long.)

What is one way you have reused something this week? An unneeded item you chose not to buy? Have you thought about the amount of waste produced in your home? Have you done anything about trying to reduce it?

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