Cardboard hunting treasures

Each week, on recycling day in our town, I take time early in the morning to drive around looking for cardboard. If I need some, that is. However, I often find things other than cardboard. Such as….

I saw this peaking out from under the side of a plastic bag. When it turned out to be what I thought it was and had a pump and rocks with it I was sure there was something wrong. A crack? A hole? Pump didn’t work?

Once home, and actual cardboard unloaded, I filled it with water and plugged it in. 10 hours later it is still going. Maybe they we’re going a different direction with their landscape this year?

Cardboard. Looking for cardboard. Hey, what is that?

Our torches bit the dust last year and have yet to be replaced. Seems like I saved myself a trip to the store. These smaller, tabletop torches can help keep bugs away AND they will be easier to store once winter arrives!

But, cardboard. Or…

Apparently it is the time of year my neighbors are updating their yard items. Here is a three wick citronella candle and a small candle holder. In all honesty, I took a can of spray paint to the lantern. Looks much better than the dingy gray of it’s former life.

Least you think I was completely distracted (there were more treasures found but I will move on) I did find some nice large cardboard to help finish up the muscadine bed.

The items I found but do not need will either be contributed to the teen garage sale at church, recycled if broken, or given as a gift (the item is like new) to a like-minded friend. Waste not, want not.

My future garden plans included a water feature in our backyard though that was not going to be till next year. Seems like I will get a jump start on that particular line item.

What have you been up to in your garden this week? Is it still too cold be doing much or are you in the midst of planting?