Butterfly Bath

Whether you call it a Puddler, a Butterfly Bath, or a Butterfly Feeder, the important thing to know is that in order to aide in attracting butterflies to your garden you need to provide them with both food and water. As butterflies are fairly light weight and do not have strong moth parts, they are not attracted to deep, moving water. Instead, a shallow dish with rocks, a sponge, or even moist pieces of fruit will suit the needs of butterflies.

A past Christmas found me receiving a gift which showed how much the giver knew me and was willing to think outside the box in their giving that year. The gift? A box of cups. Not new, fancy, themed cups. These were a mixed assortment, though most were of a particular design. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I love this style of mug, though I own none. I am pretty sure the gift giver did not know that (till now). The designs touch on my love of nature, calm colors, and old things. But back to the project…

I had been making bird feeders and considering other projects at that point. The giver knew I would find a use for these cups. And she was right! 🙂

What she did not know, though, was that I was looking to make a butterfly bath for my garden, but had not found the support I wanted to hold up the plate. When I saw the mugs I knew what I was going to use them to make. I loved the coloring and patterns on them. They would blend in enough to look like they belonged, yet have some interest in them.

Setting out the cups on a work table, I also gathered up various plates I had been gathering. The two on the left came from the Dollar Tree, while the others were from various garage sales or thrift stores. Next began the fun part, arranging and rearranging combinations of plates and cups to get the desired look.

Once I figured the order I wanted each item, I began gluing them together using E6000. This glue is stronger than super glue, though it does take longer to dry. Keep this in mind as you organize your items to glue – they will not stick together immediately. This fact can be a good and bad thing. It is also fairly easy to clean up using fingernail polish removed.

The orange bowl on top was actually added after the fact. A summer of putting water on the plate only showed me that evaporation during our hot summer was happening faster than me adding water. A piece of floating wood in the bowl gives a landing spot of various insect.