DIY Pallet Dog House

When we unexpectedly came home with a dog, a very large one at that, we were not prepared in a multitude of ways. Among other things, we had no dog house. After living with him for a week, we were pretty sure he would not be a completely outside dog, probably would not even sleep in a dog house, yet we had signed the form saying we would provide outside shelter. Instead of paying $$$ for a large doghouse, I took to the internet to find a way to build a budget friendly one.

After some searching I came across a video showing how to build a fairly large dog house out of pallets. While the poster was making this for more than one dog, I knew our “puppy” was larger than most. He could be the size of two or three average sized dogs.

I did not follow this design exactly, as I found the pallets I had to be a bit different than what he was using. However, the overall idea is the same.

Not only did this design meet my budget needs, it also would give our dog a place to lay in the shade and watch the world go by. The concept was fairly simple. Construction took a bit longer than I anticipated. The wood was very hard, almost too hard for nails to go through at certain points, took longer to cut than I anticipated, and required more pallets than I first thought.

In the end, I liked the design. Still do. Though there is one key point I had not fully appreciated – this dog house is HEAVY! Make sure you build it where you want it, or have several very strong guys to help you move it. I got my husband to move it the less than 10 feet so it was not sitting on our patio.

6 months later George and I were able to move it about 20 feet away using rollers, levers, and a few hours worth of pushing and pulling. Right now it is about 2 feet from where we want it to go, but are having a hard time getting it into place without pulling the whole thing down. Yeah, heavy!