I Was Lucky To Make It Out Alive!

Where was the Happy Thanksgiving post yesterday? Why was there no fall colored, Cucurbit inclusive picture ornamenting the website? Why no “100 things I am thankful for” post?

The reason is a pretty good one…I was trapped in the wooded wilds of the Midwest, kept from leaving by a fierce wild cat.  You should have seen the size of this lovely creature of nature! It must have been 5 feet long and close to 200 lbs!

Its rumbling purr was so loud all of its natural predators within 5 miles were alerted to its presence.  I was lucky to make it out alive and in one piece.

Apparently this particular animal is known for it’s skill of climbing and cunningness. I am telling you, it was dicey going there for a bit.

(Due to the angle of the lens, objects may appear smaller than they were in real life.)

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