Adventures with Food – sardine picnic

Time spent outside fighting dragons, conquering the great flood threatening your kingdom, surviving the natives who are chasing you, or perhaps soaring so high on the swing that you can almost touch the sun – Summers are for adventure and new experiences.

While this is true, not all adventures need be saved for summer or for disposing of the forces of evil.  Some can take place over a few minutes on the back deck or kitchen counter.  Some of these “forces of evil” turn out to be not so bad, maybe even friends.

We have always tried to expose our kids to a variety of foods.  The words, “I don’t like that” do not come out of our mouths in regards to a food being served.  There are food we may not prefer, but I also point out to the kids that I eat certain things anyway because that is what is being served. (Yes, I am the one making the food, though they  have not thought of that fact yet.)

While I do not like green peas, my husband loves them.  They get served and I quietly do not take any. Sorry, Mom.

My husband does not like fish.  The kids finally picked up on this when we had it one night while my husband was not home, yet he refused to try some of the leftovers the next day.  They now know we only have fish on nights Dad is not home. 😉

As for liver, “Grandma makes great liver.  I think we should wait till we visit and she can make it for us.”  Turns out, the kids like fried liver.  Sorry, I will stick to eating it in Braunschweiger.

Finding Adventure to Fit Your Life Right Now

These past few months have seem time and energy on my part limited.  However, I wanted to keep new things happening for the kids.  One day I realized “adventure” did not have to be synonymous with lots of time and money.  Instead, I added something new to the grocery cart during a routine shopping trip.

That night I make a slightly larger deal of this new item.  We went around tasting it and giving our opinions; describing the taste, how it felt in our mouths, how it smelled, and how we might like it fixed a bit different.  You were allowed to not like the item, but you had to take at least two bites before saying, “No thank you.”

If we had it before and you did not like it then, you still have to take two bites.  Your taste buds may have grown since last time, meaning you might like it now.

A recent adventure contained an item I thought I did not like – sardines.  While I like fish, I had it in my head that I did not like sardines.  My dad likes them, took them to work fairly often, and was teasing me about them recently.  When I saw them in Aldi I figured this would be a great lesson for the kids – to see Mom try something she did not like.

With a can of sardines in mustard sauce and a can in oil, we grabbed a box of crackers and proceeded to go out to the back deck in hopes of keeping the fish smell out of the house. (We failed on that front, by the way.)  Over the next 30-40 mintues we talked, played, watched birds, and found that we all liked sardines, preferably in sauce.

We also found out that while the heads had been cut off, there were soft bones (?) still in, as well as the skin of the fish.  As these are small fish, the skin was thin and the bones were not an issue.  The kids still had fun throwing the bones over the railing “for the birds”.

This Adventure was marked as a success.  Two of us really liked these, while another said they were okay.  Everyone tried it and we all had fun with our impromptu picnic.

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