Persistence and Watchfulness Pay Off

persistence watchfulness wood ducks

Last month, we took advantage of the first ever Spring Break George was given at school.  It was a whole week.

It did not include the Easter holiday.

And my husband had vacation days he could use.

We went south. 😉

With the warmer climate and air flow patterns, the plants there were ahead of the ones where we live.  The birds, too, were experiencing “spring”.  I am not sure if it was George and I being in the right place at the right time which allowed us to see this.  Or if it was due to the warmer climate there.  Either way, a slow walk around a pond (storm water detention basin, which was very well designed) resulted in a first hand look at bird behavior.  This was better than any book could have shared.

These wood ducks looked fairly calm and placid, but upon closer observation we determined that a few particular ones in the group were … determined to reach their goal.

The colorful birds are the males, while the dull gray/brown one is the female.  Yes, there is only one female and the rest are males.  Even among the males, though, there is not equality.  If you pay attention you shall see which seem to be in charge of his lackeys.

I was amazed at their determination, at the coolness of the female through the whole thing (she seemed to like doing what she wanted, no matter how much trouble it caused her escorts), and at the sneaky strategy of the intruders.  What a fun thing to watch!

We were able to observe the various body movements of the males, how they flapped their wings (they were not only stretching), how they dipped their heads and swam around.  What awesome, intricate ways to communicate and “strut your stuff”.  Though, at times, I feel we humans do exactly the same thing.