It’s Hot, or “Why My Garden Isn’t Growing”

 I know that not all of the country is experiencing weather like we are here.  However, it seem like a lot are.  Triple digits or almost.  Little rainfall.  Not a lot of clouds in the sky, unlike the photo above.

We haven’t had to mow the yard for weeks.  I will have to get out the mower to cut down the Ailanthus (“tree of heaven” that is definitely not from heaven, even if it does smell like peanut butter) seedlings that are popping up everywhere.  The drought conditions do not seem to be affecting this tree at all.  Back to the grass …. it is brown and crunches underfoot when walked on.  We haven’t even watered it because it is a losing battle.  Everyone’s yard look like this.

I have been a bit annoyed at my garden.  It is not producing much at all and I feel like a failure.  It isn’t even growing.  I contributed this to heat but see lots of gardens around that look so much better.

After 4 years I think I am ready to admit that either my boxes are not deep enough for tomatoes or else they just do better in the dirt.  Making the boxes deeper would definitely help.  I’m just not sure I’m ready to do that yet.  They are great for herbs and onions though, so I may just have to rethink what I use them for next year.  Strawberry patch for the onion  perhaps?

I also realized that I should start watering daily, even if it is the ‘wrong’ time of day to do so.   Something is better than nothing, right? I did make sure to water not only the plants but out from them a bit.  I let is soak in and came back a second time.  Here’s to hoping the compost will retain some of the moisture.  This also reignited my desire to make more compost for next year.

After a pity party yesterday, I realized that I don’t have to do things perfect (thank you, Fly Lady).  Sometimes just doing something is enough.  So, after lunch, when it was almost the hottest part of the day, I watered the garden.  I will do it again tonight, if I remember.  For the past several days, that has been my thought and my downfall.  “I’ll do it tonight/in the morning.”  Then when the time comes, I always forget.

Being out there today did allow me the opportunity to weed some and harvest green onions whose tops have long since started turning brown.

At least I got some onions out of it.  I guess I’m not a total failure as a gardener.