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When the kids were younger, we knew they were behind in various academic and developmental areas.  Whether this was due to the environments they were in during their early years, or due to the trauma of removal and foster care, there were gaps and delays in their learning.

As toddlers and young children, our kids were extremely needy. Previously I had envisioned me teaching the kids as toddlers, sharing discoveries and books, working together in everything we did.  And while that did happen, it was not exactly as I had seen in my visions.

While my prior education was not in education of any sort, I sought out resources and books.  A lot of reading and many trials later, we were beginning to find things which worked.  I also soon came to realize this was not something I could do on my own.

Almost 6 years later, I may not have a degree in Early Childhood Education, but I have picked up a few pointers along the way.  I have also come to realize I am the best expert on my kids.  While we have leaned on the local public schools for aide in helping George learn, in the end I am the one who knows him best.  This fact has helped me be confident in seeking out resources to fit his needs and learning styles.

Reading has been a struggle with both of our kids, though for different reasons.  One child struggles with turning the sounds into words, the words into a sentence, and the sentence into a thought he understands.  The other child struggles with reading being ‘boring’ and having to sit still long enough to actually let learning happen.

Thankfully, the resource we found for the first child works well for the second, and is a great resource for any parent regardless of learning issues.  Even better, until January 20th, you can receive a FREE 4-week Trial.

Reading Eggs has given George the confidence to keep going, even when it was hard for him to put together sounds.  It is fun and there is no one to tell him he is doing it wrong. If he needs to go back and review, it is as easy as clicking back on an earlier task or ‘egg’.

Jack enjoys it as it does not seem like school work.  It is up-beat, short lessons, and keeps his attention.  He also enjoys the extra games he ‘gets to play’ once he finished his lesson. (This is my rule, not the program’s.)

We have also continued with Math Seeds, to subsidize Jack’s math work.  While I still need to monitor his online work (he has formed some bad habits to get through faster, which the program does not pick up on) this has been a great ‘privilege’ for days when he can finishes his work, or on days when he can not accept teaching from me.

George benefits from Math Seeds over the summer and on school vacations, to help provide the continuous review he needs in order to help his brain grasp concepts.

There are many aspects to Reading Eggs, including spelling, ebooks, and the Story Factory, where you can create your own book.  This variety has helped keep it fresh and exciting for the kids.

Whether you are looking for something to add to your school day, give the kids to work on during winter days, or as an added fun activity to aide in learning Reading Eggs might be just be what you were wanting.  With a FREE 4-Week Trial, now is the perfect time to explore the program.

Here’s what your child can enjoy:
Reading Eggs
96 carefully graded spelling lessons that develop essential spelling skills in a progressive sequence.
Reading Eggs
Story Factory
A step-by-step guide to writing a story which can be entered into a weekly competition.
Reading Eggs
Reading Eggspress Library
More than 2000 real books converted to interactive e-books for young readers, many with read-to-me audio options.
Reading Eggs
160 highly engaging math lessons specifically designed for kids aged 3–8. Your child can earn golden acorns and collect their own pets!

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