How to receive a personalized calendar for under $4

This post contains affiliate links to a deal that made my life easier today. Hope you are able to be blessed by it as well.

Photo Calendars

Did you know there are only 7 days left in the year?  7 days!!

Did you know tomorrow is Christmas?!

Yeah, both of these facts, while all around me, have not really be a part of my reality these past few weeks.  Thankfully I got Christmas shopping completed without much pain and on time.  Utilizing online shopping, gift cards, store reward points, and free shipping to stores, I was able to find what I was looking for with very little out of pocket costs.

As for the New Year, it has been obvious for some time a new calendar was needed.  Every time I thought of it though, I was not out shopping.  The reality of leaving the house to battle traffic in order to pick up a calendar at the dollar store sounded more painful than helpful.  So, it never was accomplished.

And it is 7 days till the new year.  Yikes.

Today, when I saw I was able to obtain a personalized calendar using Amazon Prints, shipped to my home, for under $4, I paused breakfast and jumped on the opportunity.  (Not literally, as I still like this computer.)  It may not be the $1.09 I would pay at the dollar store, but there would be no traffic to battle, no gas used, and no need to put on shoes.  For those reasons, and many others, I will the extra $2.66.

The process was extremely easy, which made it all the more of a blessing.

Contrary to a few other formats I have used in trying to create calendars, this process was actually enjoyable. Being able to set the start month of the calendar, add photos to specific days throughout the year, add text to days throughout the year, easily drag over the photos I wished to use, and chose from several appealing formats were a few of the things I enjoyed about this process.

Once you have created the calendar to your liking, go to “Review and check out”.  You are able to scroll through the calendar, checking to see it will look like you want it to.  If you are happy, continue to check out.  This is where you enter the code NEWYEAR, and where your price drops from $14.99 to $3.75.  With your Prime membership, shipping is free.


At this point it will not get to your home in time for Christmas, but should arrive in 8-15 days.

You are able to order as many calendars as you wish, till the offer expires.  You also have a set amount of time after submitting your order to cancel.  This is a nice feature; there have been times I submit an order only to realize I was not ready or a picture included was not the one I really wanted to use.

To begin making your own personalized calendar, click here.