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Who doesn’t love a friendly competition? Especially when the prize is points to redeem towards free gift cards!

As if a game of Swago was not enough, no you can join the Dashing Through the Dough team challenge hosted by Swagbucks, a website where you can earn cash back on everyday tasks you do online. It starts on Monday, December 12th at 8am PST and goes through Friday so you have a whole week to contribute points to your assigned team. It’s so much fun to see which team you are placed on, and discover all the ways you can earn SB while you contribute to your team’s goal!
There’s so many ways to earn points for your team-  watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, just to name a few. These activities and more will help your team get ahead. Once you have joined a team, click through on the icons at the bottom of the screen for the various SB earning methods.  This guarantees the points earned for the various activities to added to your group.
For example, I completed a survey worth 50 SB.  The SB were added to my SB total and 35 points were added to my team. Each additional survey I complete, I will be able to keep the SB and 35 points will be added to my team.
I also:
  • clicked through a questionare on a slide show to earn 2 SB and contribute 25 points to my team
  • did some online visiting of stores, thereby earning 10 points per visit
  • and entered 2 Swagstakes, earning 10 points for the team each time.

In total I have 145 points earned towards my team’s total.  That might sound like a lot, except that the top 5 people have contributed over 6,000 points each toward their teams’ total points.  It seems I have a lot of room for improvement. 🙂  It also shows how much room there is for earning not only points for your team, but also to add SB to your account in order to redeem for gift cards.

If you’ve never used Swagbucks before, now is a great time to join, especially if you participate in the Team Challenge because it’s an opportunity to win an extra bonus for trying out the site.

Christmas is only a few weeks away, the New Year is coming up, and I am looking towards 2017 events for which I may want some extra money.  Knowing that I was able to earn 145 points for my team with minimal effort last night has actually spurred me on to try harder today.  Not only will I get to keep all the SB I earn, but also a bonus.
All members who participate and contribute at least 400 SB to their team’s total will receive an SB bonus in the form of a rebate on their next gift card! I can’t wait to help my team come in 1st place for that 50 SB rebate.
The challenge lasts until December 16th so log in or make a free account!

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