How The First Weeks After Our Move Played Out

moving boxes first weeks

We have now been in our new ‘home’ for a few weeks.  It is amazing to look back and see all that has been done, while looking at the to-do list and seeing all that remains.

Due to the timing of our move, the first three weeks were a bit strange.

Week One found us surrounded by boxes in every room, not knowing where a lot of our things really were, and knowing very little about the area.  My husband would leave for work each day, and I would try to unpack at least a few boxes (or find out what was in them and put them in a more convenient location).  The kids tried to help, though they had not idea where anything went.  For that matter, I had not idea where anything went.

There were a few things to take care of before George could register for school, so those were knocked off the list.  He really wanted to start right away, though it did not work out well due to the Thanksgiving break and the timing of our move.  He was going to have a two week break before starting at the local elementary school.

We also spent time creating maps in our head of the area.  As we drove I would point out land marks – houses with certain roofs or businesses.  The names of streets were also said, as well as, “When we turned right last time, the street went ___. Now that we are turning left, we are going to ___.”  I was not sure if this was helping, till the first time we went somewhere and my kids, bursting with excitement, exclaimed to their Dad that “this road goes to ____.”

A quick trip to the grocery store was needed, though I was not able to go early in the morning due to the kids still waking up at 6 or before.  My husband had to get ready for work and could not have done that and dealt with the kids.

I adventured out with both of them, trying to make it fun. At first, I succeeded. In the end, though, I made both of them cry and got a headache.  Not quite what I was going for, though I hope the lesson of not throwing tantrums and hitting your brother sticks for next time. (They cried, loudly for everyone to hear, because I made them put back the cookies we had just picked up before their 2-year-old-esque hitting tantrums. Yes, both of them were doing this.  Fun times.)

That was the last time I took both of them with me grocery shopping.

I really do know better. Moving, new places, shopping for food … yeah, not good mixes with my kids.


Week Two found us with packed bags, yet again going somewhere else.  This time, though, it was to my parents’ house.  A much-looked-forward-to destination.

In addition to it being the week of Thanksgiving, my parents also offered to watch the boys while my husband and I took a few nights away.  Not only had it been 2 months since I had seen my husband, but it had also been 2 months since I had had time away from the kids.  If they had gotten us nothing else for Christmas, this gift alone (watching the kids) would have been more than enough and filled my love tank.

The kids were thrilled to get to spend a whole week with Grandma and their cousin.  Yes, they were happy to see Grandpa, too, but … he is not Grandma.  The same goes for Aunt and Uncle, they are not Cousin.

At the end of the week, we also did our family’s Christmas gift exchange.  This happens every other year due to logistics of having a extended family, work schedules, or living further away, as used to be the case.  It was a crazy time, though now I am happy to have that part of the ‘holiday’ out of the way.  It has made the weeks since a bit calmer.

chicken crock pot meal

Week Three found us back in our new state. It was time to face Real Life and get do to the business of returning to ‘normal’, whatever that might look like.

When I first arrived at our rental house, my initial goal was to carry over the same counter clearing action for this kitchen.  This has been harder to do than I thought.  As soon as it gets cleared off, I find myself unpacking another box, doing a grocery shopping trip, or coming back from a long trip to visit family over Thanksgiving.  While I get items put away, new items without homes yet always seem to find their way onto the counter.

If I put off picking up the kitchen till after the kids are asleep, I find myself also falling asleep or with no energy to tackle this task.

The solution?  Try to stay home more.

Too obvious?  Maybe, but it really does work.

Sunday found us all moving a bit slower, adjusting to being back ‘home’ with only the four of us.  My husband offered to take the kids hiking, exploring a local site, while I went grocery shopping.  I took him up on it without much hesitation.  The shopping trip turned out to be a few hours long, as the stores were set up different than the ones in Big Town and I may have taken a wrong turn or two.

Once I got home, I unloaded a trunk full of groceries onto the counter and floors of the kitchen.  Putting them away also took longer than I thought, as I had to think about every item and where it should go.

Not only are the cabinets here arranged differently, but so is the pantry.  The pantry may be in a very convenient location in the kitchen, but it also has less over all shelving space and unusable corners. Unusable as in “the shelves do not go back there and there is only air”.

There is also not a basement here for the larger items, nor shelves on the door for items like onions and potatoes.  Not everything was put away before it was time for supper, which my husband graciously took care of via take out pizza. (This is an option that still surprises me.  It has never been our normal to pick up pizza for supper just because. Even with coupons or deals, ordering pizza equals the cost of several home cooked meals; something I cringe at because I know that with a little planning, I could have had soup on the stove cooking.)

Monday we had to register George for school, took a tour of the building, headed to the District office to drop off paperwork for both kids, visited the local library, opened an account with a new bank, came home for lunch, began filling out paper work, put away items from our Thanksgiving trip, and did some home schooling.  {breathe}

Then we picked George up from school and came home to do homework, make supper, take showers, pick up rooms … in general we did Life.  After being gone all morning, then busy all afternoon, the kitchen was reflecting it and I was literally falling asleep at the dinner table.

Tuesday, however, was a bit easier.  The kids were in great moods in the morning, getting dressed and eating   After dropping George off at school, Jack and I headed out to update my driver’s license. At least I was on time for one thing, even if it was not getting George to school on time.

Showing up to our appointment 20 mintues early meant we were out in less than an hour.  I had planned on this difference between Small Town, where a busy license branch meant there was a person or two in front of you.  Here, without an appointment we would have waited at least 30 minutes before being called back to the second waiting room.  With our appointment and showing up early we went straight back and had only four people in line in front of us.  There were also more than 8 employees helping rather than 2.

The rest of the week was just as exciting, so I will save you the details.  So much for this being a vacation after the past few months.



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