Challenge yourself to grow and learn can be enlightening

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blackberry bushes bloom

Continuing to grow as a person and in knowledge is always something I have tried to address.  This usually comes out in the form of trying new things or striving to improve upon something I am already doing.

  • Starting a blog
  • Adding fruit plants and bushes to my garden (some success, some failure)
  • Adding fruit trees to my garden (failed)
  • Cold calling potential employers, when we moved to a new area and I had no professional network nearby (success)
  • Becoming fluent in a new language (failed, but it turns out enough stuck and I began to pick up a different language easier because of it)
  • Seek out ladies at MOPS who seemed to be getting left out from conversations, even though I was the ‘new’ one to town, the ‘new’ one in the planning group, and am introverted (success and I have a great friend because of it)
  • Fix our leaky washer (success)

I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.  Most of the challenges I gave myself were ones that were extremely uncomfortable, making me step out of my box and tackle something new or emotionally hard.

Front Flower bed day 27 3

However, some challenges are not so hard:

These challenges were easier, yet had a big impact on my day.

I always encourage people to challenge themselves to new things, to try something different, to step out of their comfort zone and see if there is something else they might enjoy.  Even if it is a ‘failure’ you can learn from it.  Even if you learn to appreciate what you had before.

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