How to encourage reading while saving money

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We love books at our house.  Early on in our journey with kids, we made trips to the library something which we looked forward to.  Granted, trips with active toddlers who had to be taught the proper respect for books was not always fun, those trips have paid off.  We now have kids who love books, even if reading can be a struggle at times.

Because of our love for books, I am always on the lookout for money saving options to obtain books.  Whether it is from a thrift store, the local library’s used book shop, garage sales, Kindle books on Amazon, or PaperBackSwap, there are many money saving options in addition to checking them out from the library.

World Book and Swagbucks have the perfect gift for the little reader in your life – a free book that makes history come alive! World book has a great assortment of vibrant, fun, and informative books about a variety of different historical events, people, and legends that are perfect for grades 6-8. This offer gets you a free book (you pay $1 in shipping) AND you get $5 (paid in Swagbucks’ SB Points) for doing it, plus a bonus $3 (300SB) for signing up for Swagbucks through me first. Here’s how you can get your free book and $8:

1. Click here to get to the offer*. When you get there, if you’re not already a member you’ll be prompted to create your Swagbucks account – it takes less than 30 seconds.
2. Click the blue “Continue” button
3. Order your free book – that’s it! The 500 SB will credit immediately, and if you’re a new member signing up for Swagbucks through the above link, you’ll get another 300 SB in the first week of December.

So, what’s this Swagbucks I’m talking about? It’s the site where you earn points (called SB) for things you’re already doing online, like shopping, watching videos, discovering deals (like this one!), taking surveys, or even searching the web! Then you take your points and redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and more! In fact, for signing up through me, you can actually get ANOTHER bonus $2 if you spend $25 or more on holiday shopping through Swagbucks this month!

Last week, I began my Christmas shopping online by first clicking through Swagbucks to go to a retailer’s site.  I was planning to purchase this particular item online either way, so taking less than a minute to do so through Swagbucks was an added bonus.  Not only was I able to use this retailer’s rewards, thereby saving me money, but I also earned SB back on the purchase which I can use towards a future gift card redemption.

My holiday shopping has just begun.  Offers like the one above, earning SB to redeem for gift cards, and getting SB back from online purchases are a few ways I plan to employ to help save money.


*Please read the fine print on this offer.  Please note that if you do not cancel after your first book order, you will continue to receive books at regular intervals, but at a higher price.