Heading Out On An Adventure

wooden forest path

A week ago I asked the kids what were some things they wanted to do before school starts, things they had hoped to do this summer but never go around to doing.

George offered up items like – “Build a real wood play house next to the tree.”

Jack mentioned something along the lines of, “I do not want to go anywhere. I need to earn more people on my game (Lego Star Wars).”  Yes, he has found a new love and is having separation anxiety.  We are trying to find a balance.

While I did not want to spend two – three weeks sitting in front of the t.v. with Jack playing games constantly, I did take George up on several of his suggestions.  The first, a yard sale, happened last week.  That is where I disappeared to for several days straight.

The kids were all gung-ho about the yard sale till they realized it meant more than a card table with a handful of their toys on it.  It was also HOT outside.  I found out that George was more tolerant of the heat than Jack, and that he is also a natural salesman.  He does need to realize that following people around and talking to them constantly, though, is not a good follow up for the introduction to our sale.

After the sale, I had 1.5 weeks left till George started back to school.  In that time I wanted to work on a second request of his, but was not exactly sure on the timing.  Then I received a message from one of our handymen, he wanted to come this upcoming week to begin work on trim and doors for our upstairs rooms.  That settled it, we would work on fulfilling George’s request beginning the day after the garage sale.  Not exactly the best timing, but it is the time frame with which we have to work.

So, for the next few days, we will be off on another adventure.  I will not have time to blog about it as it is happening, but hope to share pictures and stories after the fact.

Ta-ta and tally ho.