Sorry You Have To Leave. You will be missed.

child running into fountain

Goodbye, Summer.

We have enjoyed all the blessing and surprises you have given us. The days at the pool, trips to the park, bike rides, camping trips, farmers’ markets, reading programs, extra sunshine, and chances to kick off our shoes and run bare footed through the grass.  You will be missed.

Hello, Autumn.

We are looking forward to what you will have in store for us this year. Will there be pumpkin pancakes and roasted sqaush, days jumping in leaves and drives to see the leaves change, canning up tomatoes and other produce to last us through the rest of the season?  Or will it hold changes that we have yet to be aware of, things we can only guess at and trust will bring other new adventures?  Will we look back and say, “It was a great season full of old friends and comforts.” Or “It was a season of stretching, of trying new things and letting go of what has passed?”  Whatever is to come, may happen with the grace and beauty I have come to love during my favorite season of the year.

Happy First Day of Autumn 2016.
boxes of pumpkins on barn wall