Keeping Your Hands Busy and Mind Clear When Life Isn’t

Ever get the urge to clean when you are angry, frustrated, depressed, feeling like life is out of control? I find cleaning helps me get things back into perspective without throwing dishes against a wall.  Please tell me I am not the only one to feel this way…

Today I got some surprising, bad news. Someone passed away who had made a large impact on my life, who I was around every day for years when I was a teenager. After shedding more than a few tears I looked around for something to do, something active. Dishes (washing, not throwing) and laundry were not going to cut it this time.

“Well, the closet rods and shelf need to be cut and stained …”

After a quick look on the internet, to review the staining process, I gathered supplies and headed out to the garage.

cutting closet wood

It has been almost an hour, my mind has worked through memories, my hands have made progress on cutting and sanding, and I feel more even keeled emotionally. I also feel more motivated on this part of the project to get the closet finished on the inside.  Sometimes all it takes is starting.

The 9 week Intro To Shop class in 7th grade seems to have paid off. Not only did we make a cutting board, but I learned how to smooth sharp edges off the corners of boards by hand. You never know which lessons will stick with you and be needed later, much later, in life.


After the kids were in bed, I thought about heading there myself.  As tempting as it was, I was exhausted after all, my better side won over and I headed back out to the garage to stain the wood.  The stain needed to dry for several hours before I could put on a final coat of polyurethane, which will take all day to dry properly.  I know that if I waited till the morning to stain I would rush the drying step.   Better to get up and do it right then, allowing it to thoroughly dry overnight.

This morning I was glad to have completed this step last night, as I am able to keep up the momentum and get this finished between breakfast, morning routines and laundry.  With the next few days holding out-of-home activities, and me wanting to get our closet to the point where we can hang clothes, I can use all time saving steps available.  Yes, it meant staying up another 45 minutes, but it saved hours today.

staining closet wood

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