And the world keeps on spinning


If you have not been following me on Facebook, you probably missed the news. Yesterday another kid came to live with us for a while.

On top of an already busy week, one where I had not yet made a menu plan, we have someone new who does not know our routines or expectations.

My answer when they first called was, “No. We need a bigger age gap. But call back if you can’t find anyone else.” For the first time ever, they called back. I said “Yes.” I was also honest, with the supervisor who called, about my concerns. They understood and we went from there.

I am also working with renewed gusto on taking down wallpaper so I can paint our spare bedroom. Once painted, we can get new flooring and actually start using the other half of our house.

So far I have found the early morning hours to be the best time to work. And Sunday afternoon, which is why I have no menu plan for this week.

While I get the wallpaper and painting taken care of, as well as adjust my nerves to having another personalty in the house, the blog may be a bit quieter.  We’ll see.  I know today is packed. The only reason I have time right now is because it is 5:14 a.m. and I am using this to finish waking up.

Keep checking back, as I have a few posts planned. I may also get the opportunity to post if some of the others things leave my plate.

Thanks for understanding.