Swagbucks’ 8th Birthday Bash!

This post contains affiliate links as well as some exciting information to help you earn more cash back!  If you click through one of the links and sign up, I will receive a small incentive at no additional cost to you.  This is a program I regularly use and with whom I have been happy.  I hope you find it helpful also.

Ever forget someone’s birthday, only to then rush around and find a gift before the party?  Well, this time you do not have to worry about the gift, they will be giving gifts out.  AND there will be no strange looks if you show up late or leave early.  You might miss out on some things, but everyone will still talk to you afterwards.

Here are some details:

Boy do is there great news for all of you Swaggernauts this weekend.

I heard Swagbucks just announced that they are starting to prep for their 8th Birthday Bash.

React accordingly. This is pretty big news. If you weren’t a Swaggernaut in years past, you might not remember that Swagbucks goes crazy with earning opportunities on their birthday. This company has been around forever in web-years and every birthday they do something special to celebrate.

Today through Thursday, February 25th you’re invited to celebrate with Double Cash Back or More through their Online Shopping portal!

How do you get invited to the celebration?

Do what you always do? Head to Swagbucks and visit all of your favorite retailer’s websites, it’s that simple!

All are invited to enjoy this exclusive Cash Back shopping opportunity 🙂

You know that gift you’ve had your eyes on?


Buy it!

All of your favorite retailers are offering Double Cash Back including: 10% Back at 123Inkjets.com, 6% Back at Macy’s, 8% Back at PetSmart, 10% Back at GoDaddy.com, 8% Back at Priceline, and many more!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to celebrating!

Happy Birthday to Swagbucks!

I am excited about this opportunity to earn more SBs, as I am working towards earning another $25 Amazon gift card.

If you are not a Swaggernaut already, click here to sign up.  If you earn 300 SBs by the end of this month, you will also receive a 300 SB bonus.  A bonus like this is not always offered, and there is still time to earn 300 SBs before the February 29th, especially with the Birthday Bash happening right now.