Lessons Learned and Doing Something About It – Swagbucks Three Brr All!

grocery store food

On Sunday’s post about this week’s meal plan, I mentioned looking for ways to reduce the grocery spending.  Monday I did a one stop shopping trip; well it was supposed to be one stop except they were out of salami at the deli.  And while I spent more than I wanted, I learned several lessons yet again:

  • Saving money by shopping at one store only works if you stop at the store with the lower prices.  While shopping I noticed two things I had previously bought at Aldi and Ruler, except at this ‘nicer’ store, not co-op nice but a nationally known chain nice, they were $2-$3 more per package.  I would have never bought them in the first place if I had noticed them at this store, mainly due to the price.  On the other hand, I was able to ‘splurge’ at the lower priced stores and still not spend much more than I might have for the cheaper alternative.  I also noted an item that was cheaper at the Small Town Grocery Store.  This ‘nicer’ store used to be my main shopping destination, especially when I was looking for deals and using coupons.  I know go there for certain items but not my whole trip.  Today, I thought I would save time and energy, but I ended up spending a lot more money in doing it.
  • Shopping online really can cost less. Not only money wise, but also sanity.  It is not worth the gas, time, and getting cranky kids in and out of cars to drive across town to get one kind of lentil at the small ethnic store with super narrow aisles.  Shop online when they are sleeping (or supposed to be asleep as is the case right now) and save money and sanity.  It also helps the gas tank and reduces the risk of having an accident due to distracted driving.
  • Kids do not care about cost per unit, no matter how fun you try to make it sound. “Look, Billy, this peanut butter is $1.29 for 12 ounces.  This jar is $1.48 for 16 ounces.  Which do you think is the better buy?  Can you guess?  To find the answer you take the price divided by the ounces and get the answer.  So the better buy is this one! Great job, you guessed right.  Now how about the jelly?”  Yeah, they start to see through this one really quick.
  • There really are recipes which call for fresh sage.  This is one of those herbs I grew because I had it and I liked the look of it.  Of course the one time I want it the temperature outside is cold enough to make wet hair freeze straight, so I have to actually buy it from the store.  (sigh) If all goes well with this recipe, I know another herb that will be seen in the garden again this year.
  • My husband is more important than the budget.  With new recipes comes specific ingredients needed to create said recipes.  With new ingredients come high grocery bills as you have to buy a whole bottle/package/bag of said ingredient rather than using what you have.  Upfront costs, well, cost.  BUT, I love my husband and he is worth the extra money.  He put the time in to find recipes he thought looked good, tries to make them if he is home or asks when I am going to make them.  If making a new recipe will make him happy, then I will buy that $4 container of sage and look for other ways to save money.

While sitting at home last night, I was putting together a list of items I want to order from Amazon.  I was also lamenting the fact that I have no Amazon gift cards at this time.  In the past it was almost unheard of for us not to have some form of credit on our Amazon account.  During the past year, I had greatly decreased my survey taking activities, as well as my actions on Swagbucks.com.  Then I remembered, while I decreased my activity on Swagbucks I still had points, called SB, in my account which had never been redeemed.  Perfect. (Update: I just redeemed my SB for a $25 Amazon gift code!)

When I signed in to my account, I saw the following:

Alright, it’s finally freezing here. We’ve layered sweaters and sweaters and blankets and blankets. We’re even wearing long underwear! We’ve even tried lighting a fire in the fireplace and sipping hot cocoa but none of it is working! We should have known though, they say the best way to get warm is to huddle with others for warmth. The same goes for earning Swagbucks! If you’re looking for those warm and fuzzy Swagbucks feels, it’s best to do it with friends and what better way to huddle up than through referrals and 300 SB Bonuses?

Three Brrr All

It’s just like a Swagbucks Three For All except it’s a lot… wait for it… cooler.

Here’s how:

  • Refer a friend to Swagbucks between Monday, January 4th and Sunday, January 31st
  • Your referral earns 300 SB by January 31st
  • You AND your referral will both be awarded an additional 300 SB each
  • That’s it (the 300 SB bonuses will credit by February 5th)

So once again, starting on Monday, January 4th, send out those referrals and get those referrals earning. All the cool kids are doing it.

Don’t know what all this Swagbucks ‘punny’ buzz is about? Sign up here for your free account and start earning free $3 – $50 Gift Cards or PayPal cash by taking surveys, searching the web, watching videos, or shopping online. They’ve already awarded over $100,000,000 and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You won’t regret giving Swagbucks a try!

300 SB may sound like a lot, but with 21 days left that goal is easy to reach.  The link above is a referral link, so we will be doing it together.  See, I need a goal to help me get back into the swing of this habit.  What better way than working towards a bonus?  I am not sure this is the best week for me to start, but perhaps that make it just perfect; you can see that you do not need hours and hours of time to reach your 300 SB goal.  Now off I go to do something about reducing my grocery bill …