Small Details Can Make A Difference – Weekly Menu Plan – January 3, 2015

Weekly Menu Plan May 2013

Over the winter break, my husband has found a new addiction – America’s Test Kitchen and The Great British Bake Off.  We He is going through the early seasons, the ones we have access to on Netflix.  He often turns these on after supper or lunch, and I listen while cleaning up.  This means clean up has been taking longer as my curiosity gets the better of me and I have to stop and see what they are doing.  Another result?  George asked for double layer cupcakes with fondant to take to class for his birthday. He asked the night before he was to take them. He got regular cupcakes with sprinkles.  Sorry, Little Man, we all have to deal with disappointment in life.

We have learned a few tricks while watching the programs and my husband has picked up a few recipes to try.  Thankfully he likes to bake and cook, trying new things when he has breaks in school and work routines.  I would say that the best tip we have picked up so far is the addition of baking soda to ground beef when browning, like in this recipe, and to potatoes when baking.  It seems small tips like these are often what we are missing in the daily cooking of meals.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


  1. Shakes
  2. Cereal
  3. Cream of Wheat
  4. Omelette, yogurt, and toast
  5. Shakes
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Eggs, hash brown, bacon/sausage, fruit


  1. Eat out
  2. Pizza
  3. Sack lunch (sandwich, fruit cup, chips, drink) – appointment away from home
  4. Steak, roasted potatoes, beets
  5. Chocolate Chili, corn bread
  6. Roast, potatoes, vegetables.
  7. New Recipe


  1. Leftovers
  2. Salad
  3. Falafel, rice
  4. Herbed lentils with spinach and tomatoes
  5. Fajitas
  6. Sandwiches and chips
  7. Soup and sandwiches

This week’s menu was put together mainly by going to the freezer and finding items already there.  The chili, for example, is leftover from the last time I made a pot of it; the roast, steak, fajita mix and pizza were items I found hanging out there.  I will need to go to the store for milk, eggs, bananas and a few other basics, but hope to avoid a large trip this week.


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